How to Order

We now have an online shopping cart system, which allows customers to select multiple copies and make payment online. Click "Add to Basket" beside each catalogue item to add that item to your basket. The software calculates shipping charges based on the delivery address and weight of goods requested. You can access the shop by clicking on the "shop" link to the left. 

The new shopping system will enable us to offer discounts, special promotions, reductions for large orders and improved options for delivery. We hope that you will find it useful.

We accept all major credit cards, as shown below. The payment is processed on our behalf by PayPal, but please note that you do NOT need a PayPal account to use this facility. If you have any difficulties with the system, please do not hesitate to email us.

UK: Prices include postage & packing within the UK. Payment may be made with credit card; alternatively, you may make a Bank Transfer or send a Cheque drawn on a UK Sterling account. For all payment methods, please use the shopping cart to "check out" your purchases and then select your choice of payment. Using the check-out for cheques and bank transfers provides you with an accurate account of your purchases, and allows us to start preparing your order while the payment is processed.

Overseas: Postal charges are made for delivery outside the United Kingdom. Payment can be made by bank transfer or credit card. For Bank transfers, use the shopping cart in the normal way, and choose "Bank Transfer" as the payment method. You will then be sent our IBAN/SWIFT bank details for you to arrange the payment with your bank. Note that confirmation of money transfers can take time, and orders will not be processed until payment has cleared.

Shipping charges for large orders can be quite large: paper is heavy! We use 100gsm paper. The shopping cart will calculate a postage cost, based on weight and destination, with your order. However, for your own information, you can calculate the approximate weight of your order by multiplying the total page count (as listed in the catalogue) by 3.175. This will give a figure in grams.

For urgent overseas shipments, we can arrange  FedEx Express delivery. Please contact us for details.

Retail suppliers can contact us for a promotional voucher code which will calculate a 35% discount on their online order.

For pricing information, please consult our catalogue.

Please note that all printed copies are produced to order. Please allow time for large orders to be completed.

If you have any enquiries, please to discuss how we may help.