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Lotti: Gloria in D No. 1 FULL SCORE

SSAATTBB, 2 violin, 2 viola, oboe, trumpet in C, continuo

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This work is usually paired with a Kyrie in E minor, and the two together have recently been described and recorded under the name “Mass for three choirs”. However, that name is neither authentic nor descriptive for thie pairing: Lotti wrote at least seven Kyries for three choirs; the Gloria is mostly for SSATB with one movement for double choir. (Other combinations of Lotti's mass settings might be better named "for three choirs".) The two works together were described by Zelenka as “Missa Vide Domine laborem meum”, and it is from Zelenka's collection that the Dresden source material comes. The Gloria in D is also found in manuscripts paired with a Kyrie in B flat.

Vocal Scores are available here.

Instrumental parts are available here.

The Missa Vide Domine laborem meum is available here.